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Tuberculosis Control in the Tibetan Population in India - (part 2)


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In this section of the lecture Dr. Kunchok Dorjee describes the growth of the TB control program based out of Delek hospital.  Their TB program has recorded some of the highest rates of TB incidence, and through partnerships with JHU and AISPO, the program has collected rigorous data, employed active case finding strategies, and enacted comprehensive treatment programs that have yielded dramatically improved cure rates, even for drug resistant strains of the disease.


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Congratulations for the wonderful work done by your team at Delek Hospital.
The IEC activities, screening program, community involvement, support of external agencies, partnership with RNTCP and good treatment outcomes are all commendable.
Were any efforts like isolation, improved ventilation, use of masks etc being taken to prevent airborne transmission of TB in these congregate settings(schools, monasteries)?
Requesting you to share the details of the admission and discharge criteria and interventions for infection control in hospitals which were implemented in your program.


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Good example of public private partnership programme ,it was very well planned and implemented,.  I am interested in algorithm of screening activity and its outcom.


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Team work and collaborations do work, POLITICS in this case is something totally unacceptable.

This is an example of active case finding hence the higher yeild of case detection especially among the younger population who would have otherwise not visited the doctors to be evaluated for TB .

Primary MDRTB in the younger group is worrisome but the observations have shown good response to treatment in this population unlike other MDRTB cases (?? cause ).This younger group is mobile and the chances of spread of infection is likely to be higher in this age group.

Early detection and early initiation of treatment was possible under this research project. It now needs to be translated into an operational active TB control programme . It will need a lot of financial help but nothing is impossible.

Would be happy to have a copy of the Tibetian TB manual prepared by Hopkins collaboration.

Dr Aarti (NAYANA)