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Tuberculosis Control in the Tibetan Population in India - (part 1)


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This introduction, presented by Dr. Tsetan Sadutshang, highlights the history of medical care for Tibetans living in exile in India, particularly the persistent problem of tuberculosis.  High quality medical care that meets the needs of a migratory refugee population has been particularly challenging, but volunteers and external donors have sustained a system that meets the unique needs of of Tibetans who are at high risk of contracting TB.


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A nice overview of how collaborations are established for development of a programme and also the benefits it can bring to the patients.

The RNTCP has been involved along with the other partners. Hope the TB prevalence in TB population will reduce drastically with such collaborations.

Dr Aarti (NAYANA)


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Is really RNTCP is involved with other partners . if so what are these partners ? what’s their role ?